Connections: The OLLI Documentary Film Series

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Connections: The OLLI Documentary Film Series

CONNECTIONS: The documentary film series is an opportunity for OLLI students and guests to connect with many of today’s pressing issues via the penetrating perspectives of contemporary documentary films. As the name implies, the themes for the films will showcase the CONNECTIONS humans have with one another, with our environment (including technology), and with other species that share our planet.

CONNECTIONS takes a new turn given the pandemic and our need to continue social distancing. Films will be screened via Zoom. Following the film, participants can engage in a Zoom chat with the moderator and one another about the film’s content and impact, as well as raise questions for further exploration.

CONNECTIONS (Film screenings and discussions take place online via Zoom.)

Fall 2020

  • Made In Boise (2019) Tuesday • Oct.13 • 2:30-4:30 pm
  • Liyana (2017) Tuesday • Nov. 10 • 2:30-4:30 pm
  • Winter 2021: TBA
  • Spring 2021: TBA


  • $12 (per film) OLLI Gold Member
  • $15 (per film) Silver Member/General Admission
  • Series Fee (two films):
  • $20 Gold Members;
  • $25 Silver Members & General Admission
  • Register online, or call 941-309-5111. No refunds.


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Julie Cotton, a member of the OLLI Advisory Council’s Strategic Program Planning Committee, is the coordinator and host of this series. Julie has a doctorate in Human Development and is a former organizational consultant and executive coach. She is an aficionado of documentary films and a skilled facilitator of group conversations.

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