Connections: The OLLI Documentary Film Series

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Connections: The Documentary Film Series

Continuing the theme of identity from the previous two terms, the spring film also focuses on the things that inform our sense of self and shapes how we present ourselves to the world.
All films will be shown at the Ringling College Museum Campus (Masks required).

All films will be shown at the Ringling College Museum Campus (Masks required).

Gold Member: $12  
Silver Member & General Admission: $15

CONNECTIONS: The Documentary Film Series for the Winter semester!

Misha and the Wolves (2021)
1 hour 30 minutes
Monday, Feb. 28 • 2:30-4:30 pm

Misha and the Wolves

In 1997, Misha Defonseca’s unbelievable story of survival in Nazi-occupied Europe as a child became a worldwide literary hit. However, after a falling out with the publisher of her memoir, the Belgian woman’s claims are investigated by another Holocaust survivor and shocking discoveries are made. This stranger-than-fiction Holocaust detective story is a dizzying puzzle that finds new ways to surprise. Misha and the Wolves is a film to tiptoe through carefully, reserving judgment until the end.  


Found (2021)
Course #FS112
1 hour 37 minutes

Monday, Mar. 21 • 2:30-4:30 pm

Gold Member: $12
Silver Member & General Admission: $15

Spring Connections Found

Due to China’s one-child policy, a generation of China-born adopted children are coming of age and starting to seriously grapple with fundamental questions about who they are and where they come from. This film follows three adopted teenage girls who discover they are blood-related cousins through a DNA testing service. After connecting with each other virtually, they meet up, and with a genealogist from My China Roots, they travel to China seeking answers about their identity and family history. The film goes out of its way to consider transnational adoption from all angles, and what might look–from the outside –like a simple story spills over with complicated emotions.


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Julie Cotton, a member of the OLLI Advisory Council’s Strategic Program Planning Committee, is the coordinator and host of this series. Julie has a doctorate in Human Development and is a former organizational consultant and executive coach. She is an aficionado of documentary films and a skilled facilitator of group conversations.

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