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DIVIDED WE STAND … group think, anxiety and trust


Many people feel that that this was the most contentious election in history. Well, perhaps not, but certainly, in our lifetime. No doubt, this election was divisive and created an angry electorate. Was the media responsible for concocting the elements or did they just help us recognize them? Are we being brainwashed and coerced by fear mongering? Why are we so stressed? Do Americans know we live in the safest place at the safest time in human history? (Source: sociologist Barry Glassner)

Join us for a discussion that will speak to the social and psychological underpinnings of group think, news consumption, manufactured involvement, the differences between fear and anxiety, and our human need to feel part of something bigger. We’ll focus on Terror Management Theory*, which posits that “to manage the potential for terror engendered by the awareness of mortality, humans sustain faith in world views which provide a sense that they are significant in an enduring, meaningful world.”

And, we’ll wrap up the talk with a look at the prospects for the future of America from an economic perspective.

JOIN US … for the first of RCLLA Einstein’s Circle of the season to be held in the auditorium of Temple Beth Sholom (TBS), from 3:00 to 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Nov.16th. Reserve a seat online at or by calling RCLLA at 941-309-5111.

Bev Harms, Producer of Einstein’s Circle for RCLLA-TBS

* Terror Management Theory was first discussed by researchers Sheldon Solomon,Tom Pyszczynski, and Jeff Greenberg in 1980.

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