“The first half of the 21st century is and will be one of if not the most significant times in the history of humanity. The rate of shift and change will be at a faster rate than anytime in recorded history. All of the significant categories of human endeavor will be in a high degree of shift and change. 2012-2050 will be a time of unprecedented transformation.”
– David Houle

David Houle joins us this week at Einstein’s Circle to further elaborate on what these changes could mean for all of us in the near future; changes that could perpetuate our existence in a currently unanticipated active and still productive life. Is it possible that we can look forward to a future of improved health, mental acuity and mobility that would allow us to maintain a mode of activity and lifestyle into a much extended life? You will be amazed at what is currently “in the works.”

Grab a friend and join Einstein’s Circle from 2:30 to 4:00 on Wednesday, March 25 for an hour-an-a-half of an awe-inspiring look at Future WOW!… and see how today’s innovations leave yesterday’s outdated technology in the dust as they barrel toward the future.

The admission price of $12 admits two people to this very special Einstein’s Circle. Register in advance online at www.LLA.SM.org, by calling 359-4296, or by available seating to “walk-ins.”

David Houle’s book “Brand Shift” (named one of Five best marketing books published in the WORLD in 2014) will be available in the Selby Auditorium lobby for $10 to Einstein’s Circle attendees wishing to own it and have it autographed by the author after the event.

David Houle 2015 EC flyer

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