ed boyer flyerAccording to  a Jan.  2013 article in  the London Telegraph, Government researchers interviewed 2,162 Brits and found that the moment we believe we have reached old age is precisely 59 years, two months and two weeks.

Really?  Well, maybe Americans are different.  Personally,  I’m well past that age, and believe old age is still some years away.

Funny then, how it always comes as a surprise when I see  or hear  that an “old (?)” friend or relative has died or entered a nursing home, or  become disabled or requires long term care.  How often have I thought, “Gosh, she was my age,”  and it occurs to me….and maybe you, too….that just in case….having a plan in place  might not be such a bad idea.  Frankly, I’d like to have some input into what  happens to me when the “kids” decide its time for me or dad to change our lifestyle.

Join Ed Boyer,  Florida Bar Certified elder law attorney on Wed., Feb. 12, at Einstein’s Circle when he talks with us about things like caregiving …. enforcing advance directives …. dementia …..and assisted living residents’ rights.  And, bring the “kids” along….just in case, cause….ya never know.

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