Women's Panel_LLARemember when we were surprised to hear a woman’s voice when the pilot made an announcement?  Or when the nurse turned out to be a guy?   We used to think that certain  jobs were meant for men,  and others just for women.  How times have changed!  These days, some men are stay-at-home dads; some women want  combat roles in the military.  We’re learning that gender doesn’t have anything to do with desire, drive and skill and that priority is parity.

What inspires non-traditional choices and what are the obstacles and  energizing  factors that keep women challenging the status quo?   Join Linda de Mello on Wednesday at Einstein’s Circle when she talks with  accomplished women in nontraditional roles about their motivation, their disappointments,  their sacrifices, their resilience, their satisfaction and the sense of self that had to be acquired along the way.

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