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What Is Einstein’s Circle at USFSM?

Einstein’s Circle is a place where people gather to engage in open, thoughtful discussion of current issues and events of relevant interest, led by a moderator with background and expertise in the subject matter. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s intellectually rewarding. No previous knowledge of the topic is required and those who wish to attend just to listen and learn are welcome to do so.

“Einstein’s Circle talks and discussions are some of the most stimulating events of Sarasota intellectual life.” . . . “Oh my, some of the presentations are awesome!” . . . “My wife and I attend often.” . . . “I’m glad the time is being changed to eliminate conflicts with my classes.” . . . “I’ve told my friends about Einstein’s Circle so they could get their names on the mailing list.”

Where and when does Einstein’s Circle at USFSM meet?

Einstein’s Circle at USFSM meets from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM on Wednesdays in Selby Auditorium *, on the campus of USF-Sarasota Manatee. All Lifelong Learning Academy Students, USFSM students, And Sarasota/Manatee community residents and their guests are welcome to attend. It’s FREE and participation is limited only by available seating. Interested participants may request information on upcoming topics and moderators by sending their names and email addresses to einsteinscircle@gmail.com.

(Note: Einstein’s Circle at USFSM sessions on October 23, November 6 and November 13 will not be held in Selby Hall. Locations for these dates will be announced later.)

What Is Discussed?

Proposed fall 2013 topics include:

  • Egypt and the Middle East
  • Understanding the stock market
  • Truth and consequenses of a holistic life
  • Aging body, aging brain
  • Science and religion
  • Recent Supreme Court decisions
  • The influence of Women on politics

Who Are the Moderators?

Some are Lifelong Learning Academy students; some are Academy instructors; and others are well-known members of the Sarasota community. All of them have acknowledged background and expertise in the topic they have been asked to discuss.

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