Dealing with end-of-life issues is never easy. Even when decisions are made and clearly communicated, unanticipated circumstances can countermand legally expressed wishes and result in pain, stress and suffering for patients and their families. Knowing and understanding the potential difficulties that might be encountered in executing a plan is essential. At this week’s Einstein’s Circle we will talk about decision-making, “the conversation” that needs to take place with family members, the designated health care proxy, caregivers and doctors. Short video clips will be used to illustrate impediments that could be encountered in carrying out even the most explicit and carefully communicated instructions. Dr. Mark Peterson, a psychologist, teacher, and consultant specializing in end-of-life planning will summarize the salient points of five short videos, after which he will facilitate a open and honest discussion of every person’s wish for death with dignity and the best way to go about attempting to reach that objective. Join this week’s Einstein’s Circle at 3:00 pm in Selby Auditorium for this sobering and enlightening discussion.

Einsteins’ Circle is a program of LLA at USFSM
Producer: Bev Harms /Associate Producers: Julie Cotton, Alan Grindal, Don Hagan


MARK PETERSON 2016 Flyer (2)


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