Homeless, Hungry and a One-Way — Jan. 27

There has to be a better solution to homelessness than a one way ticket out of town.  Business owners and residents express legitimate concerns over panhandling, sanitation and safety, and sympathetic as they may be to those living desperate lives, there seems to be no consensus for compassionate resolution. In October 2015 the Sarasota Chapter of the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of six homeless people, challenging Sarasota city policies that are said to target and harass homeless people and have the affect of criminalizing homelessness itself. At issue are criminalization of sleeping out of doors on public streets and in public parks and criminalization of panhandling which is said to unconstitutionally restrict speech.

The housing and treatment of the homeless in Sarasota has been the subject of debate for years; at one time earning Sarasota the title “Meanest City in America.” With the seemingly unfettered growth of the community, the problem may well become even more contentious. On Wed., Jan. 27th, Susan Nilon, columnist and host of “The Nilon Report” talks with Einstein’s Circle about the history, growing concerns, unsuccessful results and proposed solutions for fixing the problems of homelessness in Sarasota.

Bring your thoughts and questions and be ready and willing to actively participate in a high-energy Q & A and discussion. Seating is limited to 180, so it is is advised that you reserve your seat in advance by calling at 941-359-4296.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Bev Harms, Producer of Einstein’s Circle for LLA at USFSM   /  Associate Producers:  Don Hagan, Julie Cotton and Alan Grindal


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