Instructor Classification, Honorariums, and Benefits  

Instructors are classified as independent contractors and are paid an honorarium for teaching. All instructors must complete a W-9 tax form and sign a contract before the term begins. Anyone earning $600 or more in any calendar year will be issued a 1099 form. 

  • Honorariums are $25 per class session. For example, the fee for a 4-session course is $100. 
  • The honorarium for a one-time, half-day workshop (minimum of 3 hours) is $100. 
  • Some instructors choose to donate their honorariums back to OLLI. This is a voluntary decision that does not negate the requirement for contracts and payments.
  • Anyone choosing to donate their honorarium must receive payment, then donate their chosen amount to OLLI by check or credit card. 
  • OLLI instructors receive a 10% discount at the Bistro on the Ringling College Museum Campus.

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