Thom Shea, a highly decorated Navy SEAL is founder of Adamantine and author of “UNBREAKABLE – A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life. The book, the outcome of a request by his wife that he write a memoir for his children should he not survive a final tour of duty in Afghanistan, gives testament to an internal dialogue that he urges his children to incorporate into their lives. Throughout it, Shea offers powerful proof of a set of principles for breaking through human barriers of performance.

Thom Shea was selected as Officer in Charge of the famed SEAL Sniper course and was a principal in research and development of the program. After serving 23 years in the military, which included three tours of war and the training of 330 Basic SEAL students and 112 SEAL snipers, he retired with recognition and high honors for acts of valor and started the Adamantine Alliance. “During my experience as an instructor in SEAL training, I learned that people aren’t really stopped by physical ability or difficult goals; people stop themselves. Eighty-five percent of people who start don’t make it, and they don’t make it because they give up,” says Shea.

Join Thom Shea on Thursday in Selby Auditorium at USF-SM when he talks about his life as a Navy SEAL, the internal dialogue that helped bring him back to his wife and family from Afghanistan and Adamantine (which means “unbreakable”) training that changes people and thereby changes their lives.

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