As we all begin to live longer the need for maintaining the quality of life as we age becomes more and more important. Many now shun retirement to continue working; others transition into caregiver roles, and some are just curious. Regardless of how one intends on spending the “later years” of life, lifelong learning may help keep the aging process a positive one.

Monday February, 10th at the 7th Annual Conference on Positive Aging, Janna Overstreet and Louise Gallagher of the Lifelong Learning Academy (LLA) at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee (USF-SM) will present Lifelong Learning’s Impact on Positive Aging. The session will expose attendees to research on the psychological, social and physical benefits of participating in community lifelong learning programs.

The Lifelong Learning program at USF-SM is just one of the many options that residents and visitors of Sarasota alike can engage with to remain mentally active. In addition to the LLA at USF-SM a plethora of other local Lifelong Learning outposts will be present at the Conference. On Tuesday February 11th leading up to the Dinner with Ina Jaffe, be sure to stop by the exhibition tables designated for the following organizations to find out about their Lifelong Learning programs:

  • Lifelong Learning Academy – USF-SM
  • Aging In Paradise
  • Longboat Key Art Center
  • State College of Florida
  • Internet Marketing Masterminds Group
  • Adult Enrichment Center – Sarasota County Technical Institute (SCTI)
  • Pierian Springs Academy
  • Senior Friendship Centers
  • Sarasota YMCA
  • Art Center of Sarasota
  • Encore Tampa Bay
  • BoomerWorks



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