When we were children we would look at the wind and wonder what caused the wind.

We would look at the sun and ask how does the sun warm our skin?

As we matured the questions kept coming at an ever-increasing rate.  We would tell ourselves, I do not have time to learn the answer now, but I will take the time to learn it later in my life.

As our careers matured and the demands on our time became less, the questions continued to perplex us.

The difference now is that we have the time to pursue the answers.

The Lifelong Learning Academy with its smorgasbord of diverse subjects allows us the opportunity to answer many of the queries which remained in the background of our minds for many years.

Its extraordinary faculty of highly experienced and knowledgeable people offers us a vehicle to ponder the answers for ourselves.

The absolute joy of learning and exploring with the guidance of the faculty is one of life’s great pleasures.




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