Think you can’t take an LLA spring course  because you are leaving in April? Think  again! Our  spring catalog offers several six-week courses that end earlier in April — a  course schedule that may fit your personal schedule.  We also have a variety of lectures, shared interest groups (SIGs), and Einstein’s Circle events held throughout the term in which everyone can participate!

Six-Week Courses

Spiritual Psychology
The Art of Listening
Depression  Era Drama
Tools  and Techniques for iPad
Debate the Issues
International Music Styles
Silents, Please!
Improve Your Computer’s  Performance
Songwriting and Music Publishing
Français for Beginners

Einstein’s Circle

• 1920s Washington:  Personalities and Politics
• Life Coaching/Life Enhancement
• Medical Tests: Strengths and Weaknesses
• Tales of a Restaurateur
• Fun With Yiddish
• The Delight of Poetry
• The  World  In Transition
• Nineteen Ways to Generate  Retirement Income
• Current Issues,  7 weeks

Einstein’s Circle meetings on the campus of USFSM take place in the Selby Auditorium (with some exceptions). On Anna Maria Island, Einstein’s Circle  meetings are held at The Studio at Gulf and Pine, 10101 Gulf Dr.,  Anna Maria. Click here to learn more about Einstein’s Circle.

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