N​ew high rise construction going up everywhere in downtown Sarasota​ and there seems to be no end in sight.  ​Is it contributing to ​Sarasota’s urban vitality ​…. ​or denigrating ​​​o​ur ​town’s small town charm?  It’s hard to figure out the thinking behind what sometime​s ​seems to be an overly aggressive plan for downtown development.

Join us on Wed., Oct. 28th at 2:30 pm in Selby Auditorium at USFSM when Einstein’s Circle welcomes the experts to join us and talk about it.

(Please direct questions or comments regarding topics or moderators for Einstein’s Circle to einsteinscircle@gmail.com)

Einstein’s Circle:  a program of the Lifelong Learning Academy at USFSM
Producer:   Bev Harms
Associate Producers:  Julie Cotton, Alan Grindal, Don Hagan

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