So what exactly is the Donald Trump phenomenon?   Those who aren’t overwrought with emotional outrage are no doubt asking that question.  Can Trump secure the nomination uncontested and if contested, what are the chances of a unified outcome? We’ve seen nothing like this in modern times and are immersed in the making of history.  If the public is left with what they believe are two “flawed candidates,” how in good conscience, do we make a selection?

Retired Congressman Dan Miller, Sarasota-Manatee County’s esteemed former member of the U.S. House of Representatives joins Einstein’s Circle in Selby Auditorium at USFSM on Wed., March 30, from 3 to 4:30 pm  for the final discussion of the Lifelong Learning Academy’s 16-week series. Beginning with  a professional  analysis and opinion of the Trump phenomenon, he will explain  the process of securing a nomination and clarify  how  a contested convention might work. The discussion will conclude with the Electoral College and the general election, where Miller claims, “Democrats start with an Electoral College advantage but Republicans have the advantage of enthusiasm.”  Come prepared to join this enlightening and thought-provoking session on the politics,the process and the presidential prospects of this year’s election. Advance Registration Is Recommended.


DAN MILLER 2016 Flyer

Einstein’s Circle for LLA at USFSM

Producer:  Bev Harms    /   Associate Producers:  Julie Cotton, Alan Grindal and Don Hagan

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