Special Presentations

Understanding Medicare: What You Need to Know

Lecture #LC155 
Janet Lambert  
Ringling College Museum Campus 
Thursday, Sept. 28 • 2:30-4 pm 
Gold and Silver Members and General Admission: Free  
Pre-registration required

 While retirement is an exciting time in a person’s life, understanding the process for your health care coverage can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for individuals turning 65, for younger individuals with disabilities, and for individuals with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). In this session you will get a better understanding of how Medicare works and how to supplement what Medicare may not cover for both your healthcare and medications. The session will explore these topics and more. Bring your questions and join the discussion.   

  • When am I eligible?  
  • How do I apply?  
  • What is the cost?  
  • Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage.  
  • How to choose a plan?  
  • What are all the commercials trying to tell you.
Janet Lambert
Janet Lambert

Janet Lambert is an independent licensed insurance agent and owner of Janet Lambert’s Insurance, LLC. She is a Florida native, born in Tampa. Janet understands the importance of health insurance and has a passion for educating individuals about Medicare and Medicaid. Janet is a registered dental hygienist. She also enjoys arts and crafts, Bible studies, gardening, and the beach.

Electric Bass-ics

Ringling College Museum Campus
Wednesday, Oct. 18 • 3-4 pm  
Gold Member: $12 • Silver Member: $15

The electric bass has done more to change the sound of music than any other instrument in the last 70 years. How did the acoustic bass’ electric offspring become a major musical influencer, bigger than Taylor Swift? What is the unique electric bass sound? How did it evolve from the acoustic bass and the electric guitar? Professional bassist Paul Gormley will explore all the bass-ics and demonstrate the versatility of the electric bass.

Paul Gromley
Paul Gormley

Paul Gormley is a career musician on acoustic and electric bass. He was known primarily as a key player on the Los Angeles jazz scene. He began his lifelong musical journey playing in rock and jazz bands on both instruments.  Throughout his career, he performed the bass lines for small and large ensembles. Paul performed and produced four CDs in current release. Paul was nominated for a Juno, the Canadian Grammy for a jazz recording. He is now leading a new Sarasota-based jazz ensemble.  

Empowering Dementia Caregivers: Tips for Effective Communication, Coping, and Self Care

Lecture #LC192
Louise Gallagher
Ringling College Museum Campus
Thursday, Nov. 9 • 2:30-4 pm
Free to Gold and Silver Members and General Public
Pre-registration required 

This presentation will offer dementia caregivers tips and strategies to improve their quality of life and empower them as caregivers. We will review effective communication strategies and discuss how to respond to dementia-related behaviors. We will also share actionable approaches to coping and self-care when caregiving for someone with dementia. This interactive workshop will encourage caregivers to share their experiences and challenges with other participants. 

Louise Gallagher
Louise Gallagher

Louise Gallagher is a retired California licensed psychotherapist. She has been involved in Lifelong Learning since 2008.  Her passion is working with seniors and especially those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. She is a community educator and support group facilitator with the Alzheimer’s Association, an AARP volunteer, and Tidewell hospice volunteer.  Her hobby is jewelry making which she also teaches.

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