Special Presentations

Lifelong Learning Through Travel

Lecture #LC162
Sherry Coles, Kay Consigny, Peggy Hayden, Terri Holsinger, and Bob Joyce
Ringling College Museum Campus

Thursdays 3:00-4:00 pm
2 Sessions: Feb. 2 and Feb. 9

Gold and Silver Members and General Admission: Free Pre-registration required

This lecture series, hosted by members of Friendship Force of Sarasota, is an opportunity to learn about foreign and domestic cultural exchange journeys.

Friendship Force of Sarasota is affiliated with Friendship Force International (FFI).
FFI promotes global understanding through “journeys” to clubs in other countries and states that include home hosting, sharing meals, and visiting local landmarks. It is a nonprofit and nonpolitical organization. There are more than 350 clubs worldwide in over 60 countries. There are several clubs throughout Florida. The Sarasota club has around 60 members mostly from Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Join us for these free information sessions and find out why travel is an ultimate lifelong learning experience!

Feb. 2 Cultural Exchanges with Sherry Coles, Kay Consigny, and Terri Holsinger

This session will introduce you to Friendship Force (FF) of Sarasota. You will learn about outbound and inbound journeys to other states and countries and various club-related activities. The 2023 outbound journey is to Nara, Japan.

Feb. 9 Travel in a post-Covid World with Bob Joyce

Covid has changed everything about the travel landscape. This session will include information on finding flights, travel insurance, packing, and safety tips. You will also learn about options for individual and small group travel, as well as cultural exchanges. Bob will share examples of trips he has taken incorporating these tips.

Sherry Coles
Sherry Cole

Sherry Coles believes that travel is a longing to explore different cultures, foods, smells, and sights. Sherry has traveled alone and in a small group for business and pleasure; to date, she has visited five continents. Sherry has three international and one domestic trip booked through May 2023. Through Friendship Force, Sherry has hosted “friends” from Brazil, Russia, and the U.S.

Kay Consigny
Kay Consigny

Kay Consigny enjoys the new experiences that travel offers. She has traveled to Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Canada. The people and their culture are most important to Kay. Through Friendship Force, she has stayed in the homes of locals and made lifelong friends in Russia, Mexico, Wales, and England. She has hosted people from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, the U.K., and Russia.

Peggy Hayden
Peggy Hayden

Peggy Hayden has visited over 50 countries on six continents and most states in the U.S. through both independent and small group travel. She has visited friends who have retired to Mexico and has done cultural exchanges through Friendship Force to Albania followed by a tour of Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Venice, the Netherlands, and New Mexico. Peggy has hosted cultural exchanges to Sarasota from people from several countries and states.

Terri Holsinger
Terri Holsinger

Terri Holsinger has been to places through Friendship Force that now may be impossible to visit including Cuba and Russia. She’s also been to Indonesia, Kenya, China, New Zealand, Australia, Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. Terri’s next trips are to Mexico and Japan. To Terri, travel means the growth of oneself and learning how to connect with others.

Bob Joyce
Bob Joyce

Bob Joyce enjoys traveling independently. He finds that meeting people from all over the world, both in their homes and hosting them in his home, is more interesting. Bob has had Friendship Force visits to Brazil, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Thailand, Borneo, Taiwan, Cambodia, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Greece, and Tanzania with extensions on his own to other countries. He has hosted FF friends from Columbia, Canada, Belgium, England, and many clubs in the United States.

Warriors of Sarasota

Warriors of Sarasota Flyer

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