Taste of OLLI Lecture Series

We start the winter term with something for the mind and the taste buds!

The “Taste of OLLI Lecture Series,” features John Dangaran’s presentations on Beer and Wine at the Bistro at the Sarasota Art Museum.

Whether you’re a beer devotee or wine aficionado, this fun and entertaining series is sure to be enlightening. Guests will sample beers and or wines paired with light bites prepared by Chef Kaytlin Dangaran.

John Dangaran

John Dangaran currently serves as the Restaurant Manager for Constellation Culinary at Bistro  in the Sarasota Art Museum. John’s service industry journey has taken him through San Francisco, New York City, and Miami before settling in Sarasota with his two boys and wife, Bistro’s General Manager and Executive Chef, Kaytlin Dangaran.

Gold and Silver Members and General Admission: $55 per lecture/per person 
(No member discounts or refunds).

Registration opens November 30 for Gold and Silver Members and General Admission.
Note: Registration is limited to 18 seats for each lecture.

Taste of OLLI Session 1: Beer

Monday, January 10 • 5-6 pm

In this lecture we will discuss beer including a brief history, overview on different methods and styles, and tastings of some historical beers that are still brewed and enjoyed today.

Taste of OLLI Session 2: Wine

Monday, January 24 • 5-6 pm

Wine is the focus of this lecture and will include a brief overview on the wine making process. We will discuss Old World vs. New World, wine laws, terroir, and proper tasting techniques.

Lecture: “The Fire of Frederick Douglass” with Richard “Rick” Bell

Friday, Jan. 21 • 2:30-3:30 pm
Gold Member: $12
Silver Member and General Admission: $15

Frederick Douglass was a visionary—a prophet who could see a better future that lay just beyond reach. His talents were nothing short of extraordinary and he put his exceptional gifts to use in the service of freedom, driving American slavery into the grave. In this talk, we’ll explore this many-sided man’s life, family, and career, and consider his impact upon our modern struggle to advance the cause of black freedom in the United States.

Rick Bell

Dr. Richard Bell is professor of history at the University of Maryland. He is the author of the new book Stolen: Five Free Boys Kidnapped into Slavery and their Astonishing Odyssey Home.  The book was a finalist for the 2020 George Washington Prize and the 2020 Harriet Tubman Prize. Rick has held major research fellowships at Yale, Cambridge, and the Library of Congress and is the recipient of the National Endowment of the Humanities Public Scholar award.   

Lecture: “The Holocaust Through the Eyes  of a Survivor” with Irving Lubliner 

Thursday, Jan. 27 • 3-4:30 pm
Gold Member: Free (pre-registration required)
Silver Member and General Admission: $15

Before she passed away in 1974, Felicia Bornstein Lubliner wrote about her internment in Polish ghettos and two Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen. 

Her powerful stories have recently been published by her son, Irving Lubliner, in “Only Hope: A Survivor’s Stories of the Holocaust.”

The book’s introduction ends with an invitation: “Follow me if you will into Auschwitz and spend a day there, and meet some of the people in the nameless mass of bodies.  Try, if you will, to feel, even for a moment, that you could have been one of them, that in fact you were one of them.” 

Author Susanne Severeid, who hosted an Emmy-winning PBS documentary about the Holocaust, offered this testimonial comment about Felicia Bornstein Lubliner: “A gifted writer, she weaves beauty and humanity into her writing without sparing the grim details of the horrors of Auschwitz and the Holocaust…”

Mr. Lubliner, an emeritus professor at Southern Oregon University and OLLI instructor, has been sharing his mother’s stories in classrooms for more than 25 years.

Join us for this special repeat presentation as Mr. Lubliner sheds light on his mother’s indomitable spirit, as well as his experience as a child of Holocaust survivors and his process in bringing the book to fruition. A question and answer session follows the lecture.

Irv Lubiner

Irving Lubliner has taught mathematics for 40 years, at all levels, kindergarten through graduate school.  He has led workshops for teachers in 39 states and given over 350 conference presentations, including several keynote addresses. He now teaches math, music, and literature courses for the OLLI program at Southern Oregon University, where he also served on the Council of Directors

Lecture: “90 Days in an RV: A Journey Across the U.S.” with Christine Klein

Ringling College Museum Campus (Masks required)
Friday, Jan. 28 • 1-2:30 pm

Gold Member: Free (pre-registration required)
Silver Member: $15

Christine Klein

Christine Klein has spent most of her career as a freelance healthcare writer. She leads a class for OLLI Cincinnati titled Senior Shake-up to help seniors who feel stuck explore ways to make their personal life more rewarding. Chris is the founder of www.CardParties.org which aspires to create unexpected smiles for nursing home residents who feel alone throughout the United States. She is a lifelong Cincinnatian who winters on Longboat Key. Chris is 63 and the mother of two beautiful adventurous young adults.

OLLI Gallery Tours

Friday, February 4 • 2-3:30 pm
Gold and Silver Members: Free Pre-registration required.

Ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes of an art gallery? 

Join Ringling College Director and Chief Curator, Tim Jaeger, on-campus for insights into what goes into the creation and design of Ringling›s on-campus exhibitions. As you stroll though five on-campus galleries, you›ll get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the exhibitions with Ringling College›s curator as your guide.

Note: There are 10 openings for Gold members and 10 openings for Silver Members.

Information about campus parking and tour start location will be emailed to registered members one week before the scheduled tour date.

Tim Jaeger

Tim Jaeger earned his bachelor of arts with a major in fine arts and a minor in modern art history from the Ringling College of Art and Design in 2002. For over 20 years, he has maintained his art studio in Sarasota while participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions and artist residencies across the United States and Europe. Tim has worked for Ringling College of Art and Design for over 15 years. He is the Director and Chief Curator of Galleries and Exhibitions at Ringling College where he oversees and curates five on-campus galleries that host over 20 exhibitions each academic year.

Lecture: “State, Local, and National Campaigns:  The Civil Rights Movement in Florida” with J. Michael Butler

Wednesday, Mar. 2 • 2:30-3:45 pm

Gold Member: $12
Silver Member and General Admission: $15

The idea that Florida did not experience the tumult of other Deep South states during the Civil Rights Movement is a popular misconception. Florida exceptionalism in relationship to the black freedom struggle is placed in its proper regional and national perspective. Join us for this informative lecture and discussion.

J. Michael Butler

Dr. J. Michael Butler is a Kenan Distinguished Professor of History at Flagler College, where he has taught since 2008. He has written more than 50 essays, book reviews, and encyclopedia entries for various academic journals such as the Journal of Americans Studies, the Journal of Southern History, the Florida Historical Quarterly, and Southern Cultures. His 2017 book, Beyond Integration: The Black Freedom Struggle in Escambia County, Florida, 1960-1980 won a Florida Book Award in nonfiction.

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