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Wednesday, Mar. 24 • 3-4:30 pm
Irving Lubliner

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Silver/General Admission: $10

Before she passed away in 1974, Felicia Bornstein Lubliner wrote about her internment in Polish ghettos and two Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen.  Her powerful stories have recently been published by her son, Irving Lubliner, in “Only Hope: A Survivor’s Stories of the Holocaust.”

 The book’s introduction ends with an invitation: “Follow me if you will into Auschwitz and spend a day there, and meet some of the people in the nameless mass of bodies.  Try, if you will, to feel, even for a moment, that you could have been one of them, that in fact you were one of them.” 

 Author Susanne Severeid, who hosted an Emmy-winning PBS documentary about the Holocaust, offered this testimonial comment about Felicia Bornstein Lubliner: “A gifted writer, she weaves beauty and humanity into her writing without sparing the grim details of the horrors of Auschwitz and the Holocaust…” 

 Mr. Lubliner, an emeritus professor at Southern Oregon University and OLLI instructor, has been sharing his mother’s stories in classrooms for more than 25 years.

Join us for this special presentation as Mr. Lubliner sheds light on his mother’s indomitable spirit, as well as his experience as a child of Holocaust survivors and his process in bringing the book to fruition. A question and answer session follows the lecture.

Irving Lubliner has taught mathematics for 40 years, at all levels, kindergarten through graduate school.  He has led workshops for teachers in 39 states and given over 350 conference presentations, including several keynote addresses.  He now teaches math, music, and literature courses for the OLLI program at Southern Oregon University, where he also serves on the Council of Directors.


Course #MA 122
Thursdays: 1-2:20 pm
8 Sessions: Mar. 11-Apr. 29
Tony Moon

Here’s a class solely devoted to the discovery of the amazing number of Italian performers in American music. From crooners to rockers and composers, we’ll listen, watch, and discuss the longstanding heritage of the great Italian influence on pop music culture. Did you know that most of the white doo-wop groups were nearly all Italian? Or that one of the premier songwriters of “The Great American Songbook” was also Italian? Almost all of these artists changed their names to hide their ethnicity. However, we’ll peel the onions, chop the tomatoes, and find out who they were. Join us!
Gold Member: $85.50; Silver Member: $95.


AP# 127
Friday: 12:30-3:30 pm (Note: Extended Class Time)
1 Session: Mar. 12
Marie-Agnès Sourieau

The surrealist movement in art which emerged after WWI aimed to dismantle the patriarchaland bourgeois order by challenging the conception of reality. Despite its revolutionary ideology, the movement excluded women except as passive objects of desire or as muses. However, by the 1930s, women artists in France and elsewhere embraced surrealism and created works that were both fascinating as well as distinct from male productions. Ignored by critics or underrepresented in art history for a long time, we will discover the most notable of these female artists. They will both delight and confound.
Gold Member: $40.50; Silver Member: $45.

Marie-Agnès Sourieau is Professor Emerita at Fairfield University (CT). She is a specialist of 19th and 20th century French and Francophone literature and culture. She has published extensively and is presently an assistant editor of The French Review.


Course # PY125
Friday: 9 am-12 pm
1 Session: Mar. 12
Velva Lee Heraty

This is a primer course for those new to dream work. After an introductory session, the instructor, a recognized expert on dreams, will work individually with each participant, to fully grasp the guiding principal that the dream belongs to the dreamer. This course will not be taped and confidentiality is assured. Material for each session will be posted online at www.OLLIatRinglingCollege.org one week prior to the class with Jungian basic concepts and terminology. In addition, the instructor is available for questions prior to registration at dreammomma@gmail.com. Seating is limited.
Gold Member: $40.50; Silver Member: $45.


Course # PY126
Friday: 9 am-12 pm
1 Session: Mar. 19
Velva Lee Heraty

Nightmares, as terrifying as they can be, are useful guides to life situations and stressors. The challenge is understanding them, embracing them, and applying their wisdom. There is no dream, no matter how upsetting or how often repeated, that does not serve the dreamer, once understood. This course will dissect the clinical theory behind nightmares and then supply tools to understand and reframe them using an established theory called “Active Imagination.” A basic understanding of Jungian Theory is helpful, but not required.
Gold Member: $40.50; Silver Member: $45.


Course #CV103
Tuesdays: 1-2:30 pm (Note: Extended class time)
5 Sessions: Mar. 30-Apr. 27
Tom Dietrich

Where do you stand on important social, political, and economic issues of the day? Your opinions on the issues are the focus of this course. Each class will consist of different issues. A professional video debate by opposing experts will be viewed in short segments, followed by discussion. The facilitator does not take sides on the issues; however, students are encouraged to express their views. At the beginning of our class, a vote is taken to see which side is more favored. At the end, another vote is taken to see if any votes have changed.
Gold Member: $76.50; Silver Member: $85.  

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