Thank You to our wonderful students, friends and faculty who participated and donated in the Giving Partner 2014 Giving Challenge. Because of you we reached our goal and raised $10,310!

Our success in the Challenge was because of the hard work and generosity of every single one of you listed below. We are grateful to each of you. THANK YOU!


First Name Last Name Gift made in Memory/Honor of
Sanchia Adye
Janet Andres
Andrea F. Andrus
Anne Arsenault
Maxine Becker
Joan Behrens
Claudia Bolcik
Marilyn Brimberg
Judy Buffa
Nancy Cabral
Douglas Campbell
Susanna Chakany
Ronald L. Cohen
Doreen Colket
Larry Davidson
Barbara Duval Claude G. Duval
Harold Eady
Donna Estevez
Millie Finkel
Shirley Foss
Alan Freedman
Martin Fried
Louise Gallagher
David Gallagher
Harold Garfinkel
Bonita Garvey
Frederick Gewirtz Bernard Gewirtz
Michelle Greene
Alan Grindal
Elizabeth Grindal Morgan Elizabeth Hopp
Elliott Grosh
Beverly A Harms
JoAnne Harrity-Goldis Sam & Susan Samuelson
Joyce Harte
William Hatz
Susan Herring
Martha Hill
Rhoda & Allen Katz
Robert Kendal
Joseph Kerata
Kyle and Linda Kerbawy
Peter Kimble
Florence Korchin
Dale Kowalyk
Harry Leopold
Carmen Letelier
Richard Lilley
Mickie McElroy
Meredith McGraw
Nathan Miller
Winifred Miller
Elaine `Nutlay
F Daniel Miller
Carol Noah
Lillian Oboler
Linda ORourke
Janna Overstreet
Jane Parker
Suzanne Payne
Teressa Perdieu
Peter Pichetti
Louise (Sissy) Quinn Trudy Horigan
Ramon Racelis
Sheila Reed
Lisa Reese
Daniel J Rose
A D Rossin
Donald Ryberg
Samuel Samelson
Emmalee Scott
Oliver Scott
Patrick Shaughnessy
Margaret S. Shaw
Joseph Shea
Rookie Shifrin
Virginia Shotwell
Jerome Spindler
Robert D Stone
Jack Sukin
Janis F Swan
Elizabeth Trainor
Karen Wehner
Roxanne Williamson
Jack Winberg
Deborah Yaryura
Lifelong Learning Academy Board of Directors

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