We are deeply indebted to all of the wonderful volunteers who so freely gave of their their talent and expertise to make our Lifelong Learning Program such a rousing success. We will be building an even bigger volunteer team to help us in the future, with special emphasis on increasing membership on our Promotion, Special Events and Development Committees. If you have expertise in any of those areas and would like to help, please let Janna know.

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Sanchia Adye

Janet Andres

Bill Andrews

Cindy Bennett

Jan Blackman

Claudia Bolcik

Ed Boyer

Barbara Brewer

Doreen Colket

Barbara Duval

Elaine Ehrhardt


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Sylvia Fertsh

Millie Finkel

Martin Garry

Nancy Goldstein

Beverly Harms

Joyce Hart

Menachem Hirmes

Helene Hirmes

Faith Kibler

Peter Kimble


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Louise Klain

Linda Knox

Axel Lohrisch

Fiona Lohrisch

Ilse Mack

Mike Mahon

Melissa McDowell

Grace Metz

Dan Miller

Nate Miller

Winnie Miller

Kathy Moran


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Linda Paul

Fred Raymes

Harry Schroeter

Jan Skalney

Joe Sullivan

Ray Suplee

Tom Tollette

Maria Tuccio

John Zeiner


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