The Dolphins of Sarasota

Did you know that dolphins are not fish? We watch for them in Sarasota bay, fascinated by their wonderful agility and smiling playful behavior…..but they aren’t fish, they’re mammals. They breath air,  have hair, were connected to their moms by an umbilical cord and communicate with family, friends and neighbors.

Dr. Randall (Randy) Wells,  known as  “The Dolphin Man,” is head of a 45 year study that examines the behavior, social structure, life history, ecology, health, and population biology of bottlenose dolphins along the central Gulf coast of Florida. He is one of the world’s  leading experts on the world’s longest-running research of a wild dolphin population that makes their home in Sarasota Bay.  On Wednesday,  Feb. 17th he joins  us at Einstein’s Circle to talk about research that focuses on the five concurrent generations of a locally resident 160-member dolphin community.  We’ll learn  about dolphin intelligence and communication that could lead to the development of sensory technologies applicable to human behavior… and if climate change could impact that behavior.  With your curiosity intact, bring your questions and this week we’ll take a break from politics and world affairs and discuss these wonderful creatures who like us, enjoy the Florida sunshine and breath its air.

Einstein’s Circle, a program of the Lifelong Learning Academy meets Wednesday afternoon  from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in  Selby Auditorium at USFSM.  Advance registration is recommended.

Producer:  Bev Harms  /  Associate Producers:  Julie Cotton, Alan Grindal, Don Hagan


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