The new doctors in town

We’ve all heard said in semi-jest: “I don’t want anyone practicing on me!”

We may debate the issues of Private Health Care, Affordable Care, Medicare, etc., but there’s no debate and no question when it comes to the care and well being of ourselves and our families. We all want to trust that we are under the care of a doctor that is knowledgeable and effectively trained and practiced to provide the best possible medical outcome.

Bruce Berg, M.D., Professor and Dean of Fl. St. University Regional Medical School joins us at Einstein’s Circle on Wed., Feb. 24 in USFSM Selby Auditorium to take us on a brief journey through the history of medical education up to and including current theories and practices. He’ll give us an update on what medical students are being taught and the hands-on experience they are receiving in their 3rd and 4th year medical education … (and even a peek into the future to see if there are any “Star Wars” expectations.)

Call 359-4296 or click here to register for an appointment to hear and talk with Dr. Berg at 3:00 pm next Wed. in Selby Auditorium. (Due to limited seating capacity, advance registration is strongly recommended.)

Producer:  Bev Harms  /  Associate Producers: Alan Grindal, Julie Cotton, Alan Grin

BRUCE BERG 2016 Flyer (1)

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