wheresthenewsSo…. where’s the news?   
Where are the respected newscasters and authoritative journalists that we looked to for credible reports and information that were the mainstay of our daily news? Studies show that fewer and fewer people watch nightly television news.  We live in an age of celebrity journalism and so-called “Infotainment.” How often, in the race to be  first,  are we barraged with the sensationalism of half-truths and  misinformation? What’s the story, the unbiased analysis, the real truth? Where are the journalistic progenies of respected names like Walter Cronkite, Howard K. Smith, John Chancellor, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley?   
Are we missing something, stuck in our longing for the “good old days?” Could it be that we are overlooking the importance of a new, vital and exciting citizen-based journalism that is transforming how people see and understand the world? 
Join in on Wed., Feb. 5, when veteran news producer and journalism instructor Peter McNelly returns to Einstein’s Circle for a stimulating interactive discussion about the past, the present and the future construct of news based on subjective commentary and dispersed views.

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