In a recently published study in a neurology journal, Boston University School of Medicine researchers reported on  85 donated brains on which they had done research; the majority of them from former athletes: football players, wrestlers, hockey players, and boxers. What they found may forever change the way you think about contact sports. They found that frequent blows to the head really “hurt” …. not only at the moment of contact, but long into the future.  Their  findings  are impacting the sports world and causing  concern by  parents of kids who want to  participate in high school sports.  At Wednesday’s  Einstein’s Circle, neurologist Alan Grindal will  talk with us about ongoing research and findings on the  consequences of a brain traumatized by repeated blows to the head and the potentially life-changing consequences to athletes when the cheering ends…and the worry begins.

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Bev Harms, Producer  / Einstein’s Circle for LLA at USFSM

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