Current Events and World Affairs

Moderators: Gio Cantarella, Bruce Maggin, and Steve Sayer
Ringling College Museum Campus
First and Third Tuesdays: 3-4:30 pm (October-April)

This long-established Shared Interest Group (SIG) welcomes new members interested in participating in courteous discussions of important subjects affecting our community, our country, and our world.

Topics presented and discussed this past year included: the Supreme Court’s 2022 docket, the Innocence Project successes, Sarasota School Board issues, solving the supply chain bottlenecks, a review of Erdogan and Turkey, China and Taiwan, facts about climate change,
and understanding the Taliban.

Discussions are offered and facilitated by our members. We only ask participants to acknowledge and be respectful of divergent views, all of which are encouraged by the moderators.

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