As the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis continues to make headlines, what options do Israel and her Arab neighbors have today?

Join Steven Derfler for a stimulating workshop and discussion on how a “twice Promised Land” continues to endure cycles of violence, even as recent as the summer of 2014.

Professor Derfler is an archaeologist, historian and international consultant. He has spent more than 35 years uncovering the histories of ancient civilizations and tracing the development of Western religions from their roots in the Middle East and East Mediterranean countries.

From bold and daring steps taken by Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians and peach with King Hussein and Jordan in the mid-1990s, this workshop sheds new insight on an old, yet evolving discussion, including:

● Examine nationalistic movements in the region.
● Analyze Israel’s struggle to survive amidst overwhelming odds.
● Understand the roots of Palestinian nationalism in the greater Arab world.
● Explore the interrelations between the Palestinians and their Arab cousins.
● Examine the 21st Century Road Map developed by the West, or is it really Road Rage?


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