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The Lifelong Learning Academy has been nominated for a Be More Award from WEDU public television station. The top five vote getters will be reviewed by an impartial panel and one non profit will be chosen for the Be More Empowered award in December.

2014 WEDU Be More Empowered Award Voting

Small Nonprofit Award| This award will recognize the small nonprofit that best demonstrates the truth in statement that “big things come in small packages.” This award will recognize organizations with a budget under $500,000 and despite its modest size, has a major positive impact on our community. Online voting will identify the top five finalists, which will be further researched by an impartial judging panel to decide the ultimate winner.

To help the Academy become one of the top five vote getters we ask that you follow this link  each and every day for the next four weeks. You simply vote by clicking the button next to the Lifelong Learning Academy on the right hand side of this page and then click submit vote. This prestigious award recognizes a small nonprofit in the Tampa Bay area that empowers individuals.

Knowledge is very empowering and we are definitely in the business of providing knowledge, with over 200 courses provided to over 1,600 students last year alone. This is our 15th year of operation of a grassroots organization and I believe this award would be a wonderful tribute to celebrate our Anniversary. Please consider sending the voting link to your friends and family and asking them to vote daily for the Academy.  You may read our nomination in the left hand column of the screen where the link will take you.

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