BASEBALL!! The National Pastime. The sport that evokes more nostalgia among Americans than any other game. Baseball came of age in the 1920s when Babe Ruth captured the hearts of the American public and the “King of Swat,” lead the New York Yankees to several titles in the World Series. By the 1950s, baseball was becoming serious and had begun to geographically expand. By the 1970’s, a generation of sports agents were buying and selling the talents of notable players who played for the love of the game, but didn’t know much about the “business” of the game or what they should be paid to play it

Take me out to the ball game and all that “stuff,” but is the game still just a game …. or have career salaries reaching $144 million changed the motivation and the dynamics of the sport? On Wednesday, Al Goldis joins Einstein’s Circle to talk about his personal history as a professional ball player, a major league scout and a special assistant to the manager of a major league baseball team ….. and about owners, managers, money, loyalty, talent, team building and how the game is played.


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