This week’s Einstein Circle … the first in the Spring Series of Einstein’s Circles….will be moderated by Jim Bartis, retired senior policy researcher with the non-profit RAND Corporation, where he specialized in energy and energy-associated environmental and national security issues.  With a focus on petroleum, Jim will review the current energy situation in the United States and globally. We will take a look at the price of oil and he’ll talk with us about why it fluctuates the way it does. He’ll talk a little about geology, the nature of oil exploration and production, governance problems and armed conflicts in oil exporting nations, and  we’ll discuss ”Peak Oil,” PAS (Petroleum Anxiety Syndrome), and OPEC’s ability to control production.

Come prepared to listen and participate in Einstein’s Circle with your comments and questions and leave with Jim’s “best guess” on where prices are headed in the future. Wed., March 3rd from 3:00 pm to 4:30 in USFSM’s Selby Auditorium.  (Advance reservations recommended)

Producer:  Bev Harms  /  Co-producers;  Julie Cotton, Alan Grindal, and  Don Hagan

Jim Bartis 3_2_16 flyer

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