einsteins_feb1914(What’s the end game?)

A Congress with a 15% public approval rating, a government shutdown, and compromise a thing of the past. Is our government dysfunctional or what?

Technology has given us instantaneous communication, for better or worse, and more changes are rushing at us. We seem more divided than ever on cultural issues like abortion, gay rights and gun control.
Billions are being poured into swaying voters now that corporations are considered “people.” Immigration and tax reform seem like impossible dreams.
Some representatives seem more interested in re-election than doing the people’s business.

What’s happening? Is our system breaking down? What’s in the cards for our country? Does the recent agreement on raising the debt ceiling signal a more civil debate on other issues?
Is the American “Can Do” spirit still alive?

Join former Congressman Dan Miller at Einstein’s Circle in Selby Auditorium on Wednesday for what will surely be a spirited discussion of Washington politics in play.

Click here for more information about the event.

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