Do words get stuck on the tip of your tongue? Do you start things, then have trouble staying on track? Is it getting harder and and harder to remember places and names? Do you misplace your keys and have trouble finding your car in the parking lot? When are the frustrating challenges we face every day with thinking and memory signs of a serious problem?

Important changes take place in all of us as we age; understanding how they affect our mind can help us be more proactive about our cognitive health and reduce the anxiety that is associated with a fear of “losing our mind.” Fear shouldn’t stop us from getting expert medical advice, but it’s important to take the time to gain a basic knowledge of “normal” cognitive aging vs. mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Understand how memory works, how we can cognitively age with grace and the things we can do to keep our brain functioning for as long as we live. Join us at Einstein’s Circle in Selby Auditorium at USFSM this Wednesday for an open and frank discussion with Kathleen Houseweart about our aging, ever changing mind.

Kathleen Houseweart has 30 years of experience in the field of aging, having worked with Area Agencies on Aging in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Florida. She currently serves as Manager of Geriatric Services for Sarasota Memorial Health Care System where she is administrator of the State of Florida designated Memory Disorder Clinic serving Sarasota, DeSoto and Highlands Counties, and chairs the group of Memory Disorder Clinic’s across the State. She is currently on faculty as a clinical instructor at Florida State University College of Medicine Department of Geriatrics. She received a degree in Sociology from Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA and an MBA from Saint Leo University in Florida.

EINSTEIN’S CIRCLE: a program of the Lifelong Learning Academy at USFSM
Producer: Bev Harms
Co-producers: Don Hagan, Alan Grindal, Julie Cotton

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